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How to Handle Break-Aways


It is an un written rule the longer the play takes to finish, the more good things happen for The Goaltender. The puck carrier can get caught from behind, the puck can ride up on edge, he can lose the puck, he can out-think himself, whatever.


You  don't want the Forward to come in  and shoot. You need to come out aggressively, which usually discourages the Shooter from taking a quick shot – You have taken away his angle. So he keeps coming and you need to back in, still prepared for a shot but expecting a deke. When he dekes, you should close off all the ice with your pad, thrusting your skate diagonally back into the post. if your timing is right, the only way he can beat you is up high over your pad.


Remember! The Shooter will usually set his feet if he is going to shoot.